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What is it about knitting (or crocheting) that appeals to so many crafters, and has for so many generations?

Sometimes, I guess, it’s just in our blood. My dad’s mom was mostly into embroidery, especially pillow cases. But she also loved to do fine crochet, such as lacy borders on hankies. My mom’s mom was a professional seamstress, but she was known to knit a sweater now and then.

My mom would sew clothes on occasion, but she was really a knitter. At one point, she made herself about a half-dozen waist-length, lined jackets. She wore them with simple, straight wool skirts and had a lovely wardrobe on a budget. She knit everywhere—at home, on the bus, in the car—the needles were always clicking. She eventually taught herself to crochet and did a sofa-sized afghan not long before she died at the young age of 39.

But just having it in my blood is not the whole explanation. What is it that draws me to knitting Read the rest of this entry »

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