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Worried about taking the needles for your easy knitting patterns through airport security? The official rules for what you can and can’t take on an airplane can be found in an informative pdf document called Rules and Regulations from the Transportation Safety Administration.

Basically, you may take knitting and crochet needles regardless of the material they are made from (metal, plastic, or wood). Also, you may take either plastic or metal scissors as long as they have blunt tips.

The pdf document cited above does not address small needles at all. However, an article entitled Transporting Knitting Needles & Needlepoint on the TSA website specifies

Items needed to pursue a Needlepoint project are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage with the exception of circular thread cutters or any cutter with a blade contained inside which cannot go through the checkpoint and must go in your checked baggage.

So based on this article, it appears that you could carry on a small sewing or yarn needle, but you need to leave your box cutter and Olfa blades in your checked bag.

In a tip on the Lion Brand website, alert reader Cynthia G. suggests that you carry a printed copy of the TSA rules referenced above when traveling by air. Apparently, not all TSA employees are aware that knitting needles are allowable items.

Another place where having a copy of these rules might come in handy is at a courthouse. (In fact, knowing about this may have saved me some money when I went on jury duty a while back. See an Ezine article I wrote called Easy Knitting Patterns Work Best on These Needles.)

And to be really safe, you might want to carry along a priority mail flat rate envelope with correct postage to either the airport or the courthouse, just in case the guard still won’t let you in with your valuable equipment. Just pop the offensive item in the envelope and mail it back home. (Or if you’re going on a long vacation, address it to your destination.) It will save you from having to go back out to your car when you’re probably running late anyhow.

On a slightly related topic, I discovered a cute children’s pattern for easy-to-spot luggage tags on the Lion Brand website here.

What has been your experience in flying with needles? Leave a comment below and share your story.

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I have this reputation for being late, like a lot of women. So why am I always late? I think part of it is that I am avoiding boredom due to being early and having nothing to do. I just can’t stand the thought of getting to an appointment 15 minutes early and having to just sit there.

But something happened to change all this about a year ago–I rediscovered knitting. It was all quite unexpected. I was at a church women’s retreat. There were two women there who sat and knitted all weekend. One of them even had Read the rest of this entry »

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