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When I started this blog back in 2009, it was my first foray into the world of website management. So my early patterns were just included in blog entries since I didn’t know how to make them downloadable at the time.

Since then, I’ve learned a ton about operating in the internet world and I’ve started a number of other websites on various topics. Plus I’ve discovered that my readers’ expectations have changed. Blog readers now just expect that every pattern on a site will be downloadable. So I’m working on it.

Last night, I posted the first downloadable version of one of my scarf patterns, for the Single-Rib Chenille Scarf. I even updated it a bit, including an alternative yarn (Patons Bohemian) in addition to the original Lion Brand Chenille.

I’m hoping to make downloadable versions of my other patterns available soon, plus get some new ones posted. Eventually, I’m hoping to start a mailing list for notices of new patterns. In the meantime, to stay up to date with new stuff, you can click to Follow This Blog on Facebook, or to add my RSS feed to your Google homepage or Google Reader.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about knitting, or want me to do a pattern for something (EASY only, please), or if you want to know about how to get started with your own website, please leave a comment below.

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Spumoni Baby Afghan

After making the Cromwell Court Afghan, I decided to try to cut it down to make a baby knitting pattern. I wanted it to be a bit bigger than a regular baby blanket so it could be used on a crib or toddler bed, or become a preschool nap blanket. As far as easy knitting patterns go, I would rate this as an Easy+ (on the difficult end of easy) because of the increases and decreases in every fourth row, plus frequent (optional) color changes.

The final Spumoni Crib Afghan measures about 34” wide by 45” long. Here is the basic pattern, minus the color changes. To download a pdf file of the entire Spumoni Crib Afghan pattern for free, click here.

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Here’s a demo on how to work a very easy knitting pattern. This video from YouTube is not the best quality, and it runs almost ten minutes, but she really shows you how to knit a baby blanket, step-by-step. (And loses her glasses somewhere in the middle!) Maybe most importantly, she tells you how much yarn to buy. All you need to know is casting on, knit, purl, and binding off. Really simple!

Although she doesn’t say it in the video, her response to comments on YouTube say that she uses #4 worsted-weight acrylic yarn. She recommends Red Heart Acrylic, which is an inexpensive brand. To make her pattern, you’ll need three 5-oz skeins (or 15 oz total). The blanket is 127 stitches wide and as long as you can make it with the 15 oz of yarn.

She has worked the body of the blanket in stockinette stitch. Once you have her basic info, you can design your own blanket easily enough, using your own favorite stitch patterns. For example, you could use basketweave or seed stitch. For me, starting with someone else’s basic idea and then adding my own twist is the fun part.

In my next entry, I’ll show you my favorite baby knitting pattern.

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