I’m glad you found your way here to Easy Knitting Patterns. Whether a rank beginner or an advanced veteran, I hope you’ll find something to spark your own creative genius! Each of my easy knitting patterns has been designed with this philosophy in mind:

  1. In today’s multi-tasking world, truly easy knitting patterns should allow you to work while watching TV, riding in a car, waiting for your plane to board, listening to your iPod, talking on your hands-free phone, or having a family discussion. What I mean is, you should be able to work the pattern practically on auto-pilot. Otherwise, you’ll end up ripping out your mistakes waaaay too often.
  2. Truly easy knitting patterns shouldn’t take too long. You won’t be seeing full-sized cable afghans here. And you definitely won’t see anything that has to be made in pieces and then assembled. I like to get a project done fairly quickly and then move on to something new. My rule is to always avoid UFOs (unfinished objects).

In addition to the Patterns, I’ll be sharing tips, hints, reviews, and knitting stories. Plus, I’ll throw in some crochet once in a while. Just click on the Blog tab to see all of my latest articles.

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I would love for you to comment and share tips, hints, reviews, and stories of your own. Also, I’d love to hear how your projects turn out.

Let’s get started!