I always have at least two easy knitting patterns going at the same time. My original reason for this was because I wanted to do the Wavy scarf knitting pattern I described in an early post. But this scarf requires a row counter and a row diagram. I didn’t want to be bothered with carrying this stuff around with me. Plus you never know if you’ll have a convenient place to set this stuff.

So instead of even trying to work on Wavy when I’m out and about, I just started a new project. The alternate project is super-easy (although I’ve still managed to have occasion to rip out). It’s a baby blanket that’s almost all straight knitting. (I plan to review that easy knitting pattern in a future article.)

The benefit to this baby knitting pattern is that it’s easy enough to keep in my head. I keep my work in a tote bag with an extra “kit” of a crochet hook (for dropped stitches) and yarn clippers. Of course, I picked a pattern with a different size of needle than my at-home project. I’m ready to grab the bag and go at a moment’s notice.

After using this two-project system for a few months, I discovered another good reason to have multiple projects. After working for several hours on an at-home knitting project, my wrists and arms began to get tired. Instead of just stopping, I picked up a crochet project I had started. The motions for crochet were just different enough that the tiredness from knitting wasn’t an issue for working crochet.

So don’t be afraid to have several projects going at once. Just plan them to allow for different circumstances. At least you’ll have a good excuse if anyone calls your sanity into question!

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