Most of the easy knitting patterns I either present or review on this site are for smaller quick-to-finish items such as scarves and baby blankets. (I try to practice UFO avoidance, as in “un-finished objects.”) But the topic of today’s entry is a grown-up-size afghan that measures about 46 x 54 in. This easy knitting pattern, called “Cromwell Court,” is available for free on the Lion Brand Yarn website here. (Note: You will have to register with the Lion Brand website to download the pattern.)

Many of those who submitted reviews on the Lion Brand website felt this pattern should be rated Easy+, even though the stated skill level is intermediate. You do need to know how to increase and decrease. In case you haven’t learned that yet, the pattern’s webpage has links to directions within the Abbreviations/References table near the bottom of the page. These directions are very nice, with both drawn diagrams and video to show you how to do it.

This pattern makes up fairly quickly (for an afghan) since it is made with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn on size 13 needles. I had never worked with such a thick yarn before. At first, I felt like I was knitting with giant spaghetti. But I quickly got used to it.

The pattern itself requires a little bit of focus because it’s worked in a sequence of four rows: all knit, all purl, a row of increases and decreases to make the waviness, and another row of all knit. But once you’ve done two or three sets of four rows, you will have “gotten” it and you won’t have to keep looking back at the pattern. This is always a plus for me since it makes the work more mobile. Although I have to admit, once I had a couple of feet worked, I quit taking it places…it was just too bulky to be carting around with me. But it was great for keeping my lap warm while I was watching TV!

I made mine as a graduation gift for my son, so I choose the color “wheat” which is an off-white with thin threads of black running through it… seemed like a good color that would go with any color scheme he might have in the future, and not “femmy.” The pattern calls for eight 6-oz skeins, but I opted to use twelve so it would come close to fitting the bed in his dorm. It’s about six feet long.

I was lucky enough to find this yarn on sale at Michael’s. But if you’re not so lucky, has a good deal. You pay their regular per-skein price of $6.99, but shipping is free on orders over $35.00. So the total cost of the project (using the eight skeins in the original pattern) is $55.92.

If you’ve been putting off trying an afghan because you were worried about how long it would take and if you’d ever finish, this easy knitting pattern is a good one to try. If I can finish it with twelve skeins, I’m pretty sure you can finish it with eight.

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