In my last entry, I described figuring out the number of stitches I need per row in my Spumoni Crib Afghan pattern. The next step in developing this baby knitting pattern is to figure out how many rows to work, plus to pick the color scheme and stripe design. Recall that the wave pattern I am using is a repeated set of four rows. The first thing I need to calculate is the size of one four-row repeat.

The gauge for worsted yarn says 22 rows = 4 inches. I want to know how many inches for just 4 rows:

4 rows x (4 inches / 22 rows) = 16/22 inches (I don’t want to round off yet).

So if I want my afghan to be about 45 inches long, I need this calculation:

45 inches x (1 set / (16/22 inches)) = 61.875 sets.

I decided that I wanted a pink and brown color scheme since this is a popular combination at the baby stores right now. I picked Vanna’s Choice Pink Poodle and Chocolate Brown. As I worked out my pattern, I eventually decided to add a third color to make it more interesting. I settled on Vanna’s Choice Sweet Pea (a light green), again after consulting baby color trends.

My favorite way to work out a color scheme is to use an Excel spreadsheet. I color in rows of colors close to mine until I get a pattern I like. I’m big on symmetry, so I decided to be flexible on the number of four-row sets in order to achieve the symmetry I was looking for. My final pattern has 268 rows or 66 sets of four (including the top and bottom borders worked in garter stitch).

As a side note, I have heard it said that one way to decide on the size of stripes is to use the Fibonacci numbers. I didn’t do that in this case, but I plan to try it in the future. In case you want to try, the lower Fibonacci numbers are 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and 21. In the case of the wave pattern, you would want to have stripes of 1 or 2 or 3 or 5 or 8 sets of four at a time for any of your colors.

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