After figuring out the number of rows and color scheme for my Spumoni Crib Afghan pattern, the only step left is to figure out how much yarn to buy.

There is no magic math, unfortunately, to calculate how many yards of yarn it will take to make a given square of knitted material in a given baby knitting pattern. However, there are some charts available that give some approximate amounts. For a chart from Lion Brand, click here.

The Lion Brand chart gave me a place to start. It says that a 60” x 60” afghan (3,600 square inches) made from worsted will take 2,660 yards of yarn. I need to know how much it will take for a 34” x 45” afghan (1,530 square inches). Now the math is easy:

1530 in2 x ( 2660 yards / 3600 in2 ) = 1133 yards.

The wrapper on the Vanna’s Choice yarn says that one 3.5-oz skein contains 170 yards. So to get the number of skeins needed, I just divide:

1133 yards / 170 yards = 6.66 skeins.

But, I’m using three colors. So I need to know how many skeins of each color to buy. Looking at my color pattern, I write down how many 4-row bands of each color I need.

Color A = 32 bands

Color B = 24 bands

Color C = 8 bands

Total = 64 bands

Since I estimated that the whole blanket would take 6.66 skeins, a reasonable guess would be that I could buy 8 skeins and hope to get 8 bands (64 divided by 8 ) out of each skein. Then the amount of each color to buy becomes obvious: 4 of A, 3 of B, 1 of C.

This is just a first guess, since the Lion’s Brand chart is only an approximation. In order to be really sure how much I’ll need, I just have to start working the pattern. As it turned out for the Spumoni Crib Afghan, my first guess was correct.

Please let me know if you have successfully used my method to cut down an easy knitting pattern for yourself or if you have tried my afghan pattern. I look forward to hearing from you.

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