Spumoni Baby Afghan

After making the Cromwell Court Afghan, I decided to try to cut it down to make a baby knitting pattern. I wanted it to be a bit bigger than a regular baby blanket so it could be used on a crib or toddler bed, or become a preschool nap blanket. As far as easy knitting patterns go, I would rate this as an Easy+ (on the difficult end of easy) because of the increases and decreases in every fourth row, plus frequent (optional) color changes.

The final Spumoni Crib Afghan measures about 34” wide by 45” long. Here is the basic pattern, minus the color changes. To download a pdf file of the entire Spumoni Crib Afghan pattern for free, click here.

Spumoni Crib Afghan (without color change directions)

SIZE: About 34 x 45 in.
Three colors of worsted yarn (weight #4).
Color A – four (4)  3.5-oz skeins
Color B – three (3)  3.5-oz skeins
Color C – one (1)  3.5-oz skein
Circular Knitting Needles #9 (5.5 mm), 29” long.
Yarn needle.

Suggested color scheme:
A = Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn (126) Chocolate Brown
B = Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice® Baby Yarn (138) Pink Poodle
C = Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice® Baby Yarn (169) Sweet Pea

16 sts x 22 rows = 4” x 4” (10cm x 10cm)

k = knit
p = purl
st(s) = stitch(es)
yo = Yarn over
k2tog = knit 2 together
Click here for general knitting instructions.

WAVE STITCH (one four-row band):
R1 (RS): K entire row.
R2: K3, purl across to last 3 sts, end k3.
R3: K3, [(k2tog)3x, (yo,k1)6x, (k2tog)3x],
repeat pattern in [ ] to last 3 sts, end k3.
R4: K entire row.

Cast on 168 sts using color A.
Work back and forth on circular needles as if working on straight needles.
Rows 1-4: K entire row (garter stitch).
Rows 5-260: Work four-row bands of wave stitch according to color pattern contained in free pdf pattern file.
Rows 261-265: K entire row (garter stitch).
Bind off using color A.
Weave in ends with yarn needle.

Circular needle is needed to accommodate large number of stitches.
Use stitch markers to mark beginning and end of each repeat of 18 stitches.
(Put markers after st 3, st 21 (3+18), st 39 (3+18+18), etc.)
Counting four-row bands is generally easier than counting rows. Each band ends in a ridge as viewed from the right side.

Copyright © 2010 Sharon S. Hines. This pattern is available for free at http://www.easyknittingpatterns.org. Reproduction is permitted for personal or non-profit use only. Not to be sold. Pattern may be reviewed by and/or linked to from other sites, but not copied wholesale onto another website. This notice must be included when printing or distributing this document.

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Now that you have the pattern, over the next several blog posts I will describe how I developed it, in case you want to try this for yourself.

Here are the steps I used to develop my pattern:
1) Choose yarn and desired finished size
2) Calculate how many stitches wide it should be
3) Figure out how many rows it should be, plus the color pattern
4) Determine how much yarn to buy

Next:  Choosing Yarn and Finished Size

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